Universities in UK are popular for two intakes-Autumn and Winter Intake but there are few Universities provide least number of courses in Summer Intake

  • Autumn Intake or September Intake
  • Winter Intake or January Intake
  • Summer/Spring or May Intake

Autumn Intake or September Intake:

Autumn intake is the popular intake in UK. This is the main Intake and the pool of Applicants are more and Universities provide most of the courses in this intake. Even, student gets time to familiarize with the weather condition and other stuffs. There are lot of Internship options available in this intake. This is the primary intake and the deadline for Application process is February.

Winter Intake or January Intake:

Winter Intake is also known as Secondary Intake. Least number of courses are offered in this Intake as compared to September Intake or Fall Intake. Student gets lot of time to work on Application Process. This intake is not popular among the International Student because they try to avoid winter condition.

Summer/Spring or May Intake:

This Intake is the least preferred Intake among International students because few Universities offers course in this Intake. The pool of Applicants are very small.

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