• Germany is one of the enticing destination-located at the nexus of European culture and politics. International students are more inclined to Germany because of low tuition fees. Fortunately, there are many grants and fellowships available for foreigners – whether you’re an engineering major, an art school prodigy or a student of German literature, if you’re talented in your field and assiduous in your applications, there may be a source of funding waiting for you.
  • If we talk about entertainment part, then Germany is perfect place to live to enjoy Night life. Germany is famous for carnivals, film festivals, Halloween parties and so on. The country is famous for traditional festivals and Octoberfest-is the popular among them which lasts for a week. Even you can join parties organised by universities
  • If you’re more interested in getting to know the German country and history, there are plenty museums, castles and beautiful natural spots you can go to. From the famous landmarks of Berlin like the Berlin Wall, Reichstag, Jewish Museum, to BMW museum, Lake Constance or Heidelberg Castle.
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