• American culture has the influence in every nooks of Globe-the music, cinemas and fashion that starts from America becomes the trend in International shores. USA is a vast country with wide variety of Norms, Values and Culture which differs from state to state. Americans are friendly, humorous and interested in speaking to someone visiting from out-of-state or abroad.
  • Americans are very welcoming-International Student may face cultural shock in the beginning because of Multicultural diversity. But, once you get in habitat in USA then , you will get to learn a lot  about USA. USA is melting pot of culture. In University, you will able to find people from different background. The truth is that you won’t feel like a stranger and if you look around then you will find that you are not only new comer in the country. Most institutes have international office support who will be able to help you accommodate yourself with ease.
  • Campuses in the United States are highly sociable, most universities have their own facilities for sports and evening entertainment, but clubs and societies will also organise a range of other activities. From acapella singers, to American football players and performance artists, there are student groups to suit any niche interest you can imagine. This can lead to a very hectic way of life, but so long as you keep the balance between study and play in check, it can provide an excellent way to unwind from the pressure of taking a postgraduate course.

One way to learn more about the culture is to take part in the holiday traditions. Some important days that Americans celebrate are New Year’s Day (January 1), Martin Luther King Jr. Day (3rd Monday in January), St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), Memorial Day (last Monday in May), Independence Day (July 4), Halloween (31st October), Thanksgiving Day (last Thursday in November), and Christmas Day (December 25).

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