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  • Helpie FAQ – Group Sample

    • 13,Jun 2023
    • Posted By : admin
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    • Which is the best migration service in India?
      Satguru Overseas is one of the best consultancy agencies among the Top 10 study abroad consultants. Our team of consultants offers a range of services including career counseling, admissions assistance, financial aid information, visa assistance, pre-departure preparation, and ongoing support. 
    • How do I know if an immigration consultant is legit?
      To ensure that an immigration consultant is legitimate and reliable, you can follow these steps:
      1. 1. Check Registration and Credentials
      2. 2. Research the Consultant's Background
      3. 3. Request for Credentials and Certifications
      4. 4. Verify Contact Information
      5. 5. Seek Referrals and Recommendation
    • How do I choose a good immigration consultant?
      Choosing a good immigration consultant is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful immigration process. Here are some factors to consider when selecting an immigration consultant:
      1. 1.Credentials and Accreditation
      2. 2.Experience and Expertise
      3. 3.Client Reviews and Testimonials
      4. 4.Transparency and Communication
      5. 5.Success Rate
    • What are the different types of immigration?
      A: There are several types of immigration, including: Economic Immigration: This category focuses on individuals with specific skills or qualifications that are in demand in the destination country.  Family Sponsorship: This type of immigration allows individuals to sponsor close family members, such as spouses, children, parents, or siblings, to join them in the destination country. Student Immigration: This category is for individuals who wish to pursue higher education or vocational training in another country.