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    At Satguru Overseas Education, we recognize the aspirations of entrepreneurs and investors who are eager to explore global business opportunities and make strategic investments. As a trusted leader in the field of education and immigration, we provide expert guidance and support to entrepreneurs and investors looking to expand their business horizons. Our dedicated team of professionals possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in investment immigration services, both in India and abroad.   Whether you are looking to establish a new business venture, expand your existing business, or explore investment opportunities overseas, Satguru Overseas Education is here to support you every step of the way. With our comprehensive range of services, we strive to make your business investment visa journey seamless and successful.


    Here are some of the best investor visa programs available worldwide:
    • United States EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program
    • Canada Immigrant Investor Program
    • Australia Significant Investor Visa
    • United Kingdom Tier 1 Investor Visa
    • Portugal Golden Visa Program
    • New Zealand Investor Visa
    • Cyprus Investment Program


    United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom offers the Tier 1 Investor Visa program, allowing individuals to obtain residency and potential citizenship by making a substantial investment in UK government bonds, share capital, or loan capital in active UK companies. The program provides access to high-quality education, healthcare, and business opportunities in one of the world’s leading economies.


    Canada’s Immigrant Investor Program is currently on hold. However, the country offers other pathways to citizenship and residency, such as the Start-up Visa Program and the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP), which requires a minimum investment in government-approved funds. Canada provides a high standard of living, excellent healthcare, and diverse cultural experiences.
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    United States


    The United States offers the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, which grants permanent residency (Green Card) to individuals who invest a minimum amount in a qualifying business that creates jobs for U.S. workers. Successful applicants can enjoy numerous benefits, including access to world-class education, a robust economy, and a diverse cultural landscape.


    Australia’s Significant Investor Visa program requires a minimum investment in designated funds, venture capital, and Australian Securities Exchange-listed companies. It provides a pathway to permanent residency and potential citizenship. Australia offers a high quality of life, excellent healthcare, and a strong economy.

    New Zealand

      New Zealand offers the Investor Visa, which requires a minimum investment in acceptable investments such as government bonds, equities, or commercial property. Successful applicants can obtain New Zealand residency and potentially citizenship. The country offers stunning natural landscapes, a safe environment, and a balanced lifestyle.

    United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    The UAE does not have a specific citizenship by investment program. However, it offers various residency programs, such as the UAE Golden Visa, which grants long-term residency to investors, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals. The UAE is known for its dynamic business environment, luxurious lifestyle, and cultural diversity.

    Business Visa Consultants

    Whether you are seeking to establish a new business venture, explore investment opportunities abroad, or expand your existing business in a foreign country, our consultants are equipped to guide you through the entire process. We stay updated with the latest immigration regulations and policies, enabling us to provide accurate and reliable advice tailored to your specific needs.

    Contact Satguru Overseas Education today to benefit from our expertise and embark on your business visa journey with confidence and assurance. Let us be your trusted partner in realizing your international business aspirations.