Recognizing the rising need to provide assistance to students of Africa and India, we, Satguru Overseas Education (SOE), launched in the year 2020. Satguru Overseas Education is a venture of Satguru Travel, founded in the year 1989 and known to be a well-recognized travel management company across the African Continent and globe. Satguru group already hold experience in the field of ticketing, visa assistance, commodities, cargo and various other sectors.

To become an undisputed leader in the field of overseas education, Satguru has recruited a team of adept professionals. These professionals understand the requirements of students and know how to find the proper information regarding overseas education. It is due to our unique resources, we are able to give a step-by-step guidance for the entire process to the students.

At Satguru, we follow systematized approach to help students so that they can apply in foreign universities. Being a reliable organization, we have a single-minded focus to guide students to the best possible Institutions, thus enabling them to build their future. Relying on our expertise and vast experience, we are able to guide students in finding the most suitable course and university for each student. We are the stepping-stones to their future and remember that their success is directly linked to our success.

Considering the growing interest of students in studying abroad, Satguru provides them with options to study in different countries such as USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany and so on. Understanding the fact that relocating to a foreign land is not always easy and is usually obstructed with apprehension and anxiety, so we ensure to provide professional advice which can do wonders to make candidates feel comfortable about the journey.

By hiring Satguru Overseas Education as your consulting partner, take a wise decision based on valuable experience and relevant information that could lead to success. With years of experience, Satguru has a strong network in 65 countries with 95 self-owned branches which makes us optimally equipped to serve students and professionals.

Our Leadership

Mr. Anil Chandirani is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Satguru Overseas Education. He has vast experience holds extensive knowledge of this field.  He, after successfully running Travel, Commodity, Visa, Cargo and Courier businesses, is now moving ahead to make future of the students better. He is extremely driven towards his mission and  even after expanding the organization to a total of 95 offices is 65 countries, he somehow manages to stay engaged with every step in the student’s journey. It is due to the hard work and dedication of Mr. Anil Chandirani that Satguru is bringing a revolution in overseas education across Africa.

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