Studying Abroad is a Crucial career Decision. Isn’t?

Studying Abroad is a Crucial career Decision. Isn’t?

When it comes to study Abroad did you ever getting a thought that which destination to choose?

Now, the question arise is which destination are the students opting for.

The United Kingdom have become one of the popular destination amongst Student when it comes to studying abroad.

And the Question arise is Why UK?

In this blog I will be discussing 10 Major Points in which I will be telling you that Why student should choose UK?

The United Kingdom has the oldest University in the English Speaking world and most of the top Universities, Courses, and Education which further makes the UK a Top most destination over the world.

Let’s discuss the point No. 1 that is Top Universities. The England country Boast of 9 universities (Display on Screen UCL Institute of Education, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge in the list of 50 according to the QS Ranking. Such universities in the UK inspire people to study or come across from all over the world and study in UK and get associated with them.

Point No. 2 Top Education, The courses offered here are shorter duration than anywhere else therefore we graduate faster than anywhere. The undergraduate programmes offered here are for 3 Years while the Post graduate programmes offered here are the duration of 1 Year.

The United Kingdom universities are also known for the research Quality work. Accounting for the 5% of the world scientific research done in these universities.

Point No. 3, Top Courses. The universities in UK are the best ranked in the courses such as Arts and Humanities with the Top 2 Awards going to Oxford the oldest university of the world.

Point No. 4 Value for Money as I mentioned earlier the Courses offered in UK are shorter in duration than anywhere else like typically the Master Programmes is for 1 year which leads to less tuition Fees and reduces Living cost. There are few universities in the UK which offer a 2 year Master Programmes for students and they can opt any from them.

Point no. 5 Scholarships, In UK there are variety of universities which provides different kinds of scholarships to fund education. There are number of government sponsored programmes for both Graduate & the Postgraduate. Few of them are mainly the commonwealth scholarship, Westminster International scholarship, Chevening Scholarship & Harvard university scholarship.

Point No. 6, Top Job Opportunities. The Universities in UK Score quite high in the graduate employability score which further says the certain percentage of student who are graduate can work in the earlier later this is the beneficial for inspiring students further.

Point No. 7 Top Co-Curricular activities, the universities in the UK provides the wholesome development of the student and have a flexible rate of co-curricular activities. The students out there get a flexible choice to blend their regular courses with vocational courses.

Point No. 8 Work and Study Options, One of the most important is the availability of working hours for the International students. The International Students can work for 20 Hrs Per week in the full time or term time and they can work fulltime in their holiday season or in case of any festival. So this is one of the Tip which makes UK as most popular destination for International Students.

Point No. 9 is Health Benefits, UK offers these 2 Health Benefits Programmes for the fulltime or the period of 6 Months. The students receives the Fees or the medical treatment under NHS that is National health Scheme for the period of 6 months or the stipulated time period.

Point No. 10 Top Languages, UK Provides variety of language courses to individual improve their language skills which further enhances their career opportunities in the Country.

That’s all. I am sure now you know why one should choose UK as their Study destination.