• There is new rule implemented by the Government of United Kingdom for Non-EU students in the month of September 2020 that International Students can extend their stay up to 2 years after completion of their degree.
  • International Students contribute around Euro 32 billion each year. Around 600,000 International Students come to UK.
  • The increase in influx of International student from South-East Asian countries brought United Kingdom in different phase in terms of studies.
  • Irrespective of Undergraduate, Post-graduate and Doctoral degree students are allowed for stay back option up to 2 years.
  • Graduates would be able to work and look for work without any hassle created by immigration policies. Moreover, companies are bound to get more welcoming towards international human resources that can stick around for longer.
  • After the implementation of this policy, both the undergraduate and postgraduate students will be eligible to avail a post-study leave of 6 months and look for a job opportunity. However, doctoral students will have a longer post-study leave of 1 year.
  • Furthermore, there will be no upper limit to accept the number of visa applications, encouraging maximum number of students to choose the UK for higher education.
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