• As per the university norms, International Students are permitted to work for 20 hours per week. There are lot of restrictions for non EU students for working in Germany. The working days are restricted to 120 full working days and 240 half days each year without any sort of work permit. But, this varies from region to region depending on unemployment rates. If you wish to exceed the working time, you will be required to pay into German social security system and there could be a negative impact on your studies. Students can take full time employment during the time of vacations.
  • Also, note that you can extent your working time by sending a request at Federal Employment Agency and Foreigners office. However, this only applies to academic job. But, getting an academic job is not easy. There is no limitation for academic assistants to work but approval from Foreigners’ office is required. The Federal Employment Agency and Foreigners’ office decide the restrictions related to work. So, taking approval for work permit these esteemed institution are required.
  • If you’re opting for any short course or language proficiency course, the regulations are tighter. You need to take approval from Foreigners’ office or Federal Employment Agency.
  • For finding a job, you can connect with the university placement cell or can keep an eye on bulletin board of university. Even, there are lot of recruiting agency as well as ads in local and regional papers is sufficient.
  • International Students are allowed to do both on campus and off campus work. On campus job-supervise the library, research work for their professor. Off-campus- The ideal job would be if you work related to your course and which you can add on curriculum vitae as an extra curriculum activity. Other than that, you can work in cafes, working at trade fair, giving tuition to the students.
  • Taxation is another important concern, if you earn more than 450 Euros a month then you are requested to pay tax for health insurance, nursing care insurance.

You should not solely depend on this job for fulfilling expenses. You should have enough fund or else scholarships covering your expenses.

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