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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme (MPNP)

Manitoba is one of the most well-known immigration destinations. It is a province where Canadian aboriginals may still be found. Agriculture, tourism, and natural resources characterise Manitoba’s economy. The province is mainly made up of small settlements. The province’s economy is solid and rising. The Manitoba government promotes local causes, and several festivals are held in this province throughout the year.


Through its Provincial Nomination Programme (PNP), Manitoba has welcomed many prospective immigrants. The programme was modified in November 2017 with fresh restrictions to make the procedure easier.


The revision states that experienced professionals who are already in Manitoba for whatever reason are exempt from the point-based filtering. They may seek nomination directly with the Manitoba Province. The following are eligible for the same.

The alternative routes are shown below.


Pathway for Skilled Workers Abroad


Professionals who get a minimum of 60 points on a point-based exam including characteristics such as age, education, professional experience, language competence, and flexibility are eligible to apply for this programme.


Applicants must demonstrate a close relationship with a friend or family who is already a resident or citizen of Manitoba.


If not, students may demonstrate past employment experience in Manitoba to qualify for this programme.


They must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).


The Express Entry Pathway in Manitoba


This is a branch of the Express Entry Pathway. It is necessary for the aspirant to submit their profile to the Express Entry Pool. Aside from the required score, the aspirant must also present evidence of experience in one of the vocations on the list of jobs in demand in Manitoba Province. In Manitoba, having family ties is essential.


Pathway to Human Capital


Foreign professionals with a job offer from a local Manitoba organisation are eligible to apply via this route. However, it is critical to have the profession included on Manitoba’s in-demand occupation list as well as prove/demonstrate talents in order to establish strong labour relations there. The LMIA should approve the job offer.


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