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Nova Scotia Nominee Programme (NSNP)

This minor Canadian province is situated in the country’s Maritimes area. The name Nova Scotia directly translates to New Scotland in Latin. The province of Nova Scotia comprises the Nova Scotia Peninsula, Cape Breton Island, and 3000 smaller islands. This archipelago has stunning beaches and a scenery dotted with White Mountains. This province is well-known for its good living standards, arts, culture, seaside beauty, and delectable food.


Nova Scotia welcomes qualified immigrants to apply for employment openings via the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Programme (NSNP).


Eligible applicants with sufficient abilities and experience will be awarded a certificate by NSNP. This program’s different categories

Demand in Nova Scotia: Express Entry

This programme works in conjunction with the Federal Government’s Express Entry Programme. It requires a minimum CSR score of 67 points based on characteristics such as age, language competency, job experience, education, and flexibility.

It is necessary that the profile being evaluated be already in the Express Entry Pool.

Even if the candidate has not yet gotten a job offer, they must have a Job Seeker code.

The applicant’s desired occupation should have a National Occupational Classification code and be on the Current Demand list.

The candidate must have at least one year of work experience in the ten years preceding the application.

The candidate must have a strong educational background.

The candidate must demonstrate linguistic competence.

Applicant must demonstrate financial stability and independence from government assistance

Experience in Nova Scotia: Express Entry

Priorities in the Nova Scotia Labour Market


Depending on the current job market, Nova Scotia may accept profiles on a first come, first served basis. These types of profiles should already be in the Express Entry pool. Nova Scotia issues a Notification of Interest (NOI) to such selected profiles. It is necessary that the profile be in high demand. After getting the NOI, the applicant must submit their applications within 30 days of receiving such a notification.


Following this, individuals will obtain a certificate of nomination from the NSNP, on which they may apply for Permanent Residency with the Canadian Government.

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ONIP stands for the Ontario Provincial Nomination Immigration Programme.

East Central Canada is home to the province of Ontario. Toronto is Ontario’s capital and the province’s most populated metropolis. Ontario is home to Ottawa, Canada’s capital. It is the economic, social, and political heart of Canada.