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Provincial Nominee Programme in British Columbia

British Columbia is one of Canada’s largest provinces. It is located in western Canada and is home to one of Canada’s most populated cities, Vancouver. The province is well-known for its natural parks, lakes, and leisure places. Forests cover almost two-thirds of the province’s geographical area. British Columbia is the world’s leading producer of cranberries and blueberries. Forest resources, mining, farming, and natural gas have historically formed the backbone of British Columbia’s economy. In recent years, the province has established industries and accepted information technology. They took part in the Provincial Nominee Programme to gain the required resources. They’ve been with the program since it began in the mid-1990s.


The BCPNP was created to assist local immigration authorities in recruiting the appropriate persons into the province based on the province’s existing work needs. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programme shortens the procedure for candidates who want to migrate to British Columbia. The program collaborates with the federal government’s immigration agency. BCPNP offers two distinct categories for inviting suitable candidates to relocate to British Columbia.

This stream is for professionals who are competent or semi-skilled. Through this stream and the Express Entry BC Stream, the BCPNP welcomes skilled professionals to work in British Columbia. This is intended to recruit experts for high-demand jobs in British Columbia. Anyone who is an IT professional or a health care provider and practitioner, whether seasoned or a fresh graduate, may apply under this stream.


The province sends out ITAs (invitations to apply) on a regular basis to eligible experts. Candidates must

The applicant will submit his or her application in its entirety, together with any supporting papers necessary for processing.

The Express Entry stream of the BCPNP operates in cooperation with the Federal Express Entry system. This programme does not need the aspirant to have a job offer from a British Columbia firm, but they must have the backing of a sponsoring employer.

The Procedure


Profile must be in the Express Entry Pool and have a profile number and job seeker validation code. Aspirants planning to move to British Columbia should submit an Expression of Interest.

Qualified applicants with the highest ranks will obtain an ITA, after which they must submit their nomination application within 30 days.


After receiving a nomination, the aspirant will file an application for Canada PR with the IRCC.

Please visit our BCPNP-Business Investment Stream website for further details.


BCPNP Technology Pilot


This programme was launched in 2017 to assist British Columbia in recruiting competent IT experts into the province in order to assist local employers in filling job openings in the province as quickly as possible.


The BCPNP has identified 29 job openings in the Technology sector. There will be weekly drawings, and competent specialists will be invited. To be eligible for this programme, selected individuals must meet the additional criteria established by BCPNP. This stream, however, does not need the employer to give a job offer for an unlimited amount of time. The employment offer must be for at least one year. This is one of the quickest ways for IT experts to relocate to Canada.


This program’s applications are handled in a priority manner. BCPNP usually takes 2 to 3 months to give a nomination. This programme, on the other hand, requires substantially less time.


Aspirants who have applied for this programme do not need to complete an LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment.

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