• Germany is a renowned study destination for International student who wish to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies. After completion of your degree, if you want to stay back and work in Germany then, it’s quite easy.
  •  International students either from EU country or Non-EU country can work for 18 months without any hesitation. Students from Non-EU countries are advised to apply for new visa at the Foreigner’s Registration office and extend his or her visa before it gets expired. To avail the work opportunities students need to apply for Residence permit.
  •  Also, note that it is quite advisable to start finding for the job in the final semester of the programme because 18months starts from the day you have completed the degree. In these 18 months, you can work as much you can in your own field. Before applying for Residence permit, get health insurance and open an account. This will prove that you can support yourself and family during this tenure.
  • Germany has got wide job market. Completing a degree and getting a job is quite easy especially in few fields (STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering and Management).
  • German language proficiency- It will be great help for the student who knows German Language. Employers easily accept them.

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