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The Provincial Nominee Programme (NBPNP) of New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of four Atlantic Provinces on Canada’s east coast. It is Canada’s sole bilingual province. It is located in the Appalachian Mountains. The rural population in this province is higher.


Immigrants aiming for New Brunswick may be eligible for a New Brunswick Provincial Nomination Certificate via the NBPNP provided they have the necessary combination of skills and experience. Following receipt of the certificate, the individual may apply for Permanent Residence.


The following are some of the ways you may apply for the NBPNP.


Stream of Direct Entry into the Labour Market


The NBPNP uses the Express Entry method with this stream to narrow down profiles necessary for the province. The profiles are chosen based on current labour market demands and local demographic considerations. The Express Entry System Process is followed.


Qualified skilled professionals who have a strong connection to the province via family or friends, or who have New Brunswick work Experience, or who have a New Brunswick Invitation, and who have a minimum score of 60 points based on five qualifying factors:


NBPNP is available to people of any age, with any language competency, any job experience, any education, and any adaptability. Notifications are sent to candidates that fulfil the EOI (Expression of interest) requirements.


Professionals With Family Support


To be eligible to apply via this channel, the candidate must have a job offer from a New Brunswick employee or organisation. It should be a full-time, long-term position.


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