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Training and Human Resource Services

Maintaining and updating your Sponsor license is of the utmost importance. Maintaining and upholding correct HR procedures and systems is necessary to avoid the severe and detrimental effects of failing to do so on your business.

Sponsor Licence

To recruit and sponsor migrant workers in the United Kingdom, the employing organization must have a sponsor’s license. A sponsor’s license will only be granted to organizations that meet the Home Office’s requirements for eligibility and have suitable systems to manage their migrant workers.

Prevention of Unlawful Employment

It can also undermine legitimate businesses and have a negative impact on the employment of individuals who are legally present in the United Kingdom.

TIER 2 General

Employers in the United Kingdom can use Tier 2 to hire foreign nationals to fill open positions. A Tier 2 skilled worker must not displace a settled worker who is qualified.


Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) permits the UK employer to employ and transfer skilled workers from an overseas branch to the UK. There are four types of intracompany transfers, depending on the needs of the UK business.

Ancestry Visa

You may apply for a UK Ancestry visa if you are a citizen of the Commonwealth and can demonstrate that one of your grandparents was born in the United Kingdom. You must be outside the United Kingdom to apply for this VISA. With this VISA, you can live and work in the United Kingdom.