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Course & University Selection

We have a team of best abroad study consultants in Pune who help students select the right course and university, taking into account the individual needs and goals


Our study abroad education consultants assist students with visa applications, ensuring that all necessary documentation is in order and providing information on immigration laws.


We help students with travel arrangements, including booking flights and arranging accommodation and ensuring that students have a smooth transition to the new country.


SOEGIS provides pre-departure guidance, including information on the culture, customs, and lifestyle of the country they are moving to, and helping students to prepare for their journey, both mentally and physically.


Providing ongoing support to students throughout their studies, including help with any issues that may arise and ensuring that students have a positive abroad experience and are able to achieve their goals.


SOEGIS team is known as India’s leading best abroad study consultants, We provide study abroad, foreign education, overseas education, foreign country visa immigration consultant

Study Beyond Borders

Who we are

At Satguru Overseas Education, we are more than just expert study-abroad consultants. We are dream weavers, empowering individuals to transcend borders and chase their aspirations. With unwavering passion, we connect hearts to the world, unlocking the doors to knowledge and opportunities. Our journey is one of compassion, as we guide students through the maze of choices, nurturing their dreams like a gardener tends to delicate flowers. With every step, we infuse confidence, providing personalized guidance and unwavering support.

Discover why over 1,00,000 students trust us with their study abroad dreams

Success Story – Building Future! Malcolm Piassa from Success Story - Building Future! Malcolm Piassa from #Angola

I was so nervous about studying abroad, but the team at Satguru overseas education made the entire process so much easier. Their guidance helped alleviate my apprehensions.

Success Story – Building Future! Malcolm Piassa from Success Story - Building Future! Malcolm Piassa from #Angola

“I can’t thank Satguru Overseas Education enough for their exceptional services. They turned a complex and daunting process into a smooth and exciting adventure. 

Success Story – Building Future! Malcolm Piassa from Success Story - Building Future! Malcolm Piassa from #Angola

“I had a vision of studying in Australia, but the process seemed overwhelming. Satguru Overseas Education stepped in and transformed my aspirations into reality”. 


How do I choose the right university and program for my goals?

To choose the best university and program, first define your academic and career goals. Then, look into universities that fit your criteria, taking into account elements such as program offerings, location, and reputation. Seek advice from our expert consultants for personalized recommendations

What are the eligibility requirements for studying abroad?

Academic qualifications, language proficiency, financial capability, visa requirements, and submission of application materials such as transcripts, recommendation letters, a statement of purpose, and a CV are typical eligibility criteria for studying abroad, with additional entrance exams required where applicable

What are the admission requirements and application deadlines?

Admission requirements and application deadlines differ depending on the university and program. Visit the university websites to learn more about the universities that you’re interested in. Our consultants can assist you in remaining organized and meeting application deadlines.

How can I secure scholarships or financial aid for my studies abroad?

Explore scholarship opportunities on university websites, through government programs, and through other scholarship databases. Our experts can help you find appropriate scholarships, meet application requirements, and improve your chances of receiving financial aid for your studies abroad

What is the visa application process, and how do I navigate it successfully?

We provide step-by-step help on the visa application process, including essential documents, forms, and interview preparation. Our professionals will ensure that you have an in-depth understanding of the process, making it easier for you to navigate successfully and secure your student visa